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 Yes, it is true. I am a woman of many hats

My costumes are decent, modest and not vulgar. I do not get into the evil realm nor anything sadistic or even remotely sexual. I am mostly interested in period costumes representing different historical times or depicting specific characters for plays and skits. If you are looking for horror costumes you will not find it here.

Rent a Costume

Need a costume for your high school Play, VBS Skit, Themed Party or Special Event. Costume Rentals Serving the Darlington County of South Carolina: Hartsville, Darlington, McBee, Kellytown, Oats, Timmonsville, Florence and surrounding areas. Browse through my costume collection on this website then Contact Me to set up your rental. Rental fees enable me to continue to build my collection of costumes and do necessary repairs and upkeep of the costumes. Go to Costume Gallery


Willing to Create a Costume for You

If I do not have exactly what you are looking for I am willing to sew, design or create a costume for you with enough advance notice. Sewing and creating costumes is a fun past time for me. Contact Me to set up your custom costume order.


Donations Accepted

If you have old costumes and accessories that you do not know what to do with I will gladly take them off your hands to add to my collection. In exchange I will give you a free voucher for a free rental of any costume when the need arises. One voucher per each full costume you donate to me.  This is a new website. All the costumes are not yet loaded onto this site but this page will give you a good idea of the various types of costumes I have available for rent. If you you need more information before I have all the costumes uploaded please Contact Me

Medieval Period ~ 14th Century Period Costumes

I designed these costumes for a high school play. Costumes will fit mature teens or young adults. The costumes are colorful made of quality materials with interesting textures. Many of them shimmer or sparkle in the stage lights. They have been used in high school plays, church parties, and church Vacation Bibles Schools. Over time this collection has expanded with more costumes from the same period.

Medieval Costumes for rent

Medieval Court Jester Costume for rent

 14th Century Medieval Costumes
Court Jester

Medieval King & Queen Costumes Medieval Princess & Prince's Servant Costumes Medieval Prince & Princess Waiting Maid Costumes
 King & Queen Costumes
Princess & Prince's Servant
Prince & Princess's Waiting Maid

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Pirate Costumes

I do not know why playing pirates are so much fun. We have used the pirate theme for Vacation Bible Schools where I painted a big ship out of peices of cardboard. The children loved the sword fighting. I have a collection of various pirate accessories to create different pirate costumes for both boys and girls. Below are my children dressed as pirates for a school spirit week. Pirate costumes are one of the esiest costumes to throw together. I have a small collection of children's swords and few curly wigs.

Pirate Costumes Pirate Accessories
 Pirate Costumes
Pirate Accessories
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Roman Soldier Costumes

I had designed these costumes for a church Vacation Bible School many years ago. I have enough costumes to outfit a small army consiting of nine separate outfits.  The hats did not hold up because they were made of paper mache. I currenlty only have one plastic helmet but want to build my collection. The swords and shields in the photos below were made of wood that the children had lots of fun playing with so I do not have them anymore. But the rest of the costumes are still in great condition. One full costume consists of tunic, padded breast plate, arm bands, leg bands, skirt and cape. I have three different colored armor, 4 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze. One outfit was made to look dark to represent the bad guy that the good soldiers had to fight against. Eight of the nine costumes have breast plates. Five of the nine costumes have full armor including breast plate, arm bands, and leg bands. One outfit is extra large for a tall person who played the King in a VBS skit. The tunics run small, medium, and large.

Roman Soldier Costumes Dark Knight
Roman Soldier Costumes
Dark Knight

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Wild West Costumes

The Old Western days is another relatively easy costume to put together. I have a variety of hats, bandanas, cowboys vests, holsters and toy guns. For the ladies I have a few saloon style dresses, or a variety of prarie skirts and bonnets.

Hats & Bandana Costume Accessories Cowboy Costume Saloon Girl Costume
 Hats & Bandanas
Cowboy Costumes
 Saloon Girl

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Prairie Days Costumes

Years ago one of my churches started at anual event called "Old Fashioned Day" where everyone was encouraged to dress up. I had fun decorating the church with quilts, lanterns, old maps, and any relic that made it feel old. Many of the ladies wore bonnets and prairie skirts, while the guys dressed like old farmers or cowboys. Sometimes the ladies would dress Victorian. That was when I started sewing bonnets from a pattern that I had made. I have a collection of bonnets and some of them have matching skirts.

Rust Calico Prairie Bonnet Large Black Prairie Bonnet Green Gingham Prairie Bonnet
 Rust Prarie Bonnet
Lg Black Prairie Bonnet
Green Bonnet

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Early American Costumes

Some of these costumes were used in a high school play titled "Little Women". They also work great for an Old Fashioned Day for church themed days. Costumes will fit mature teens to adults.

Early American Costumes Early American Costumes Early American Costumes
Josephine March
Early American Women
English Gentlemen

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Victorian Period Costumes

The Victorian Period is one of my favorite periods when men were fine gentlemen and ladies were elegant ladies. I love the elegance and grace that was displayed during that time frame and I love Victorian decor. One time our church had a Victorian Christmas Party where we dressed up in Victorian clothes. I decorated the fellowship hall with Victorian decorations and we sang old hyms that were typical of the Victorian era. When I used to live in upstate New York I used to love shopping in old shops picking up Victorian articles of clothing. I have also aquired some Victorian style patterns and would love to sew more costumes.

Victorian Costumes Mother & Daughter Victorian Portrait
Victorian Costumes
Mother & Daughter Victorian Portrait

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Special Character Costumes

Need a costume for a character in a High School play or skit, or paerhaps a special school assignment? Look here to see if I have what you need for that. Sometimes I combine items from other costumes to assemble a new costume to fit the part.

Wizard of Oz ~ Cowardly Lion Costume Cruella DeVille Costume Cinderella & Prince Charming
 Cowardly Lion ~ Wizard of Oz
Cruella deVille Costume Accessories
Cinderella & Prince Charming

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Costumes Around the World

Each year my children's school presented an International Fair where they had to present one country of the world with fact and information about the country, serve a recipe from that country and dress in the countries typical attire. Churches often have International Dinners during missions week where they serve different international dishes. Some add costumes to add a little more taste of the international scene. One church has a Parade of Nations with various costumes. So I have collected a few different costumes and assesories to represent some countries.


Bolivian Costumes Indian Turban Japanese Kimono

Bolivia Costumes
Indian Turban
 Japanese Costume

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Hats, Masks and Accessory Collection

Sometimes when you need to throw together a costume you just need a few accessories such as hats, scarves, wigs and other props to throw together a costume. If you did not find what you are looking for above try browsing through these items to see if maybe we can put together a costume to fit your need.


Pirate Accessories Masquerade Mask Silver & Black Skeleton Masks
Pirate Accessories
Masquerade Mask
 Skelton Mask & Hands
Maid Marian Red Hat Cowboy Accessories Lavender Princess Cone Hat
Maid Mariam Red Hat Cowboy Bandanas Princess Cone Hat
Black Lace Scarf Medieval Double Cone Hat Black Derby
Black Lace Scarf Medieval Double Cone Hat Black Derby
Beige Calico Prairie Bonnet Mexican Sombrero Wigs
 Prairie Bonnets Mexican Sombrero Wigs

Click Here To See the Complete Collection of Hats, Masks, Wigs & Accessories

This is a new website so it is still under construction so not all of the costumes have been uploaded yet. But what you see above are the different categories of costumes I know I have on hand. More will be added as I work my way through the inventory.  If you are in need of a costume Contact Me  If I do not have what you need, I am willing to sew a costume for you.  I also have a great collection of patterns of costumes not yet made that I would love to create. After I post everything that I have on hand then I will post pictures of the patterns I have as well.  Please be patient as I develope the online costume gallery.





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